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Why is no one talking about!?

Cost of living is sky high & I am sure I am not the only one who is over paying $7.50+ for butter!!

Instead of buying items that you use only once purchase a product that will last you for years!!

For example our Reusable Makeup Wipes - mine are 3+ years old. They are 3 small for $11 or 2 medium for $11. So let's say you buy a pack of each costing $22 plus postage of $5.45 total $27.45.

Now disposal Makeup pads are $8.50 for a pack for 25 disposal wipes let's say a pack lasts 1 week. Within 3 and a half weeks you have already paid the same amount as the reusable Makeup Wipes. Over a year you have paid over $440!!!

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Door Draught Stoppers

Stop that cold winter breeze from coming under the door

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About Little Miss M

Little Miss M Designs is a small company with massive ambitions to help people save not only money but also the environment one step at a time. Hello , I am May. I first started making reusable makeup wipes as a side hustle in August 2019 & now works fulltime with my partner James. We now handmake over 10 unique reusable products!! We have recently moved from rural sunny Queensland to a small town called Rutherglen in Regional Victoria. We are proud to say our business is Australian Made and Owned. Our company is very small but is growing everyday and we do thank everyone who buys our product and supports us


How many Ziplock Bags do you go through everyday??

I know packing lunches for work I would use atleast 2 per person(1 for sandwich & 1 for snacks). That would be 4 plastic ziplocks we were using a day and just throwing away after just 1 use.

We are a 2 person household - That's 20 in a week A whooping 1000+ a year With Little Miss M Designs you will not need to use or buy plastic ziplock bag again.

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Add a Personalized Name Tag

Add a custom Name tag to your Swim Bag or buy one separately to if you already had you own Swim Bag. They are also great for attaching to School Bags, Pencil Cases, Key Rings, Snack Bags etc.


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